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Welcome to the official website for DJ Small Paul. Information and social media about DJ Small Paul. Available for ANY event from kids parties with games, teenagers, 18th's and 21st's, all birthdays, schools, colleges, corporate, weddings even tuition! Specialised in younger generation parties (Under 30's). Call now for a FREE quote! 07751695465 / 02392 585595 or e-mail:

Teens parties are a specialty of mine. I work with teens and pre-teens from 10 years - 19 years old all the time in my part time job's at SNAP (Say No And Phone in Fareham - Run by the police, it is an event for teenagers with games for 13-17 year olds), teaching ice skating and being a youth support worker for Hampshire youth service as well as regular club work and mobile gigs for this age range. I am confident I can handle them for your party. If you want me to worry about them while you do the rest of the event then you need me!

I generally recommend up to 3 hours party for 11-17 year olds and 4 hours for older teens.

18th's and 21st's click here



I have the most up to date music all the time so the latest sounds they want I will almost definitely have. Top 40 from now will be included as standard for this age range it's all about NOW!! Again to make sure put it on the planner and I will get it! I have found that generally this is the main style of music they want to hear. I will play some of the cheesier stuff, especially if they are a younger audience.


In my experience teens often get excited at the 'clubbing' feel my disco has. It's more than a kids party and not as tame as an adults party! For your "young adults" Its a chance for them to see laser lights, glow under UV light, get lost in smoke and jump up and down to the strobe lights found in some of the massive nightclubs around.


I will do the classic party dances like YMCA / Macarena / Cha Cha Slide etc... Unless you don't want them




Suited to the age group, I usually find after about 10/11 years old they become too 'cool' for games. That's fine, I can offer some games more suited to this age group as I run the games at SNAP events I can offer a similar setup to what goes on there, a 'mini-SNAP'. I often get asked what games I play so here's a rough idea, for more info please contact me. I can assure you I can wear out your younger guests and keep them occupied and interested for the whole event!


Even big school disco's of over 50 teens are no problem with games if we can arrange a separate area to conduct them in (A stage or fenced off area)


Dancing competitions / Boys vs Girls competitions / Toilet tissue mummy game / follow the leader / a chance to be loud and crazy and of course just dance to the best music from NOW!




There's more to add! Extra equipment I have for your party to absolutely make sure it is one to remember - ask me for more details if your venue is large or you want to wow your guests!


Strobes / Lasers / Ultra Violet / Bubbles / Smoke / + more! - Only a few DJs have these, they are standard to my rig and will cost you no extra money!

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